The Meeting

For the first time, a fully interactive, expert-led educational meeting focused on prostate cancer (PCa) management will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 15 to 16 September, marking the first of a series that is unique in the EAU’s programme on uro-oncology.

With the goal to provide an in-depth and critical assessment of standard, innovative and prospective PCa therapies, the EAU has pooled the expertise of prostate cancer specialists from various European countries and faculty members of the European School of Urology (ESU) to organize the two-day programme that will cover pertinent topics in PCa management.

Actual perspectives, practical approaches and insights into various treatment options will characterize the meeting that will challenge participants’ knowledge on guidelines, diagnosis, management issues, clinical dilemmas and surgical proficiency. Medical strategies will be thoroughly examined with to-the-point and incisive recommendations on systemic treatments, castration-resistant disease, drug selection or sequencing and complications management.

Collaborating with the ESU, testing modules will be offered, and webinars and other training activities will hone and assess diagnostic and surgical skills. Using evidence-based medicine and interactive breakout sessions, difficulties in diagnosis, use of imaging tools, and follow-up strategies will be explored. A rotating faculty format will lead case discussions and the focused sessions will trigger a deeper inquiry into controversial issues in active surveillance, local salvage therapy and managing recurrent disease, among other topics.

PCa17 is a compact meeting organized to fulfil educational goals and is the first of a series that will in the future also include renal, bladder and other malignant urological diseases. PCa17 distinguishes itself from other EAU meetings by its three-pronged scheme: interactive, practical and wide-ranging.

Join us in Vienna!

Manfred Wirth Joan Palou Locl Organiser ESOU 2017 Jens Rassweiler
Prof. Manfred Wirth
EAU Treasurer and Executive Member Communications
Dr. Joan Palou
Chair European School of Urology
Prof. Jens Rassweiler
Chair Section Office

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